Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where Will He Go?

Our son's LDS mission papers have been submitted. Now it's a waiting game to find out where he will spend the next two year's of his life. I hear that the turn around is fairly quick...quick, I guess depending on your definition of time. We could hear later this week, or next. I'd be fine waiting another year or two! I'm still in shock that we're at this point of our life. It seems like the last year has been a series of reality checks. First came high school graduation. Moments later we were saying goodbye as oldest son took off for his freshman year of college. Now, I am trying to steel myself for the realization that the next phase of our life takes my son away from the family for two whole years. As hard as it is to comprehend not having him home for holiday's and summer vacations, I really wouldn't have him anywhere else.

In an effort to lighten my feelings of impending gloom, we have decided to have a lil' contest to highlight where T will be spending the next two years. Since we're billing this as a contest, we need to have a prize. What type of prize could we possibly offer that captures the essence of this remarkable event? How about the winner gets to pay for T's mission? If that's out of the question (yes, the two year's of church service are financed independently) how about the privilege of babysitting T's cat for the next two years?

Here's the map where we will post entries:

Spots called...
Me- Mongolia (I went for the spot that seems to be the most remote with living arrangements least familiar to my boy to make the actual location seem more like a vacation!)
Kev - can't make up his mind (though, I think it's his strategy to not win one of our fabulous prizes!)
Carrie - Ukraine
Colton - San Jose, Costa Rica
Heidi - Provo, Utah
Brad - Moscow, Russia
Wendy - Chihuahua, Mexico
Derek - Barcelona, Spain
Davis - Valencia, Venezuela
Melissa - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Erica - Santiago, Chile
Mike - Austin, Texas
Suni - Chile
Maureen - Keiv, Ukraine
Gary - Australia
Brielle - Montreal, Canada
Karen - Hong Kong
Doug - Boise, Idaho
Rick - Russia

Accepting all entries until our grand 'Opening' party.

You know you want the prize. You can't win if you don't play!


Beth Graham said...

Todd - Philadelphia;
Jared - Korea;
Ethan - Russia;
Beth - England;
Amanda - Argentina;
Megan - Japan;
Joshua - South Dakota

Stories by Me! said...

Beth, where's Rebecca's entry? Increase your chance of winning our great prize... Sammy kitty would love to come chase chickens and bunnies!

samnarene said...

This is such an exciting time waiting to know where your son will serve for two years. I will forfeit accepting the prize, but I vote for a mission in the Europe East Area - maybe Russia!

Haley Benson said...

Spain Las Palmas. That's my guess. Can't wait to hear!