Monday, August 22, 2011

12 days til Swiss Days!

Did the math. There really are only 12 days until the highlight of our year, Swiss Days. Thought we'd better crawl out of our holes to show you some of the things that have kept us so very quiet. Check back over the next week and a half and we'll try to unveil a new creation every day.

Of course, we hope that you'll want to check them out in person on September 2&3 in Midway, Utah! Look for us in booth B44 this year...
Suni has been busy sewing. These are her creations. She received the Family Tree pillow as a Christmas gift from her sister and of course, I had to have one! The 'Nest' definition pillows that she made for her own Christmas gifts were such a hit that we decided to expand the list and created designs for 'Family' and 'Love.' If our printer gets them done in time, we also hope to have a couple of other designs that include Sister and Friend.

Be sure to read the 'Family' definition carefully. We thought the dictionary definition didn't quite do the word justice.

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Beth said...

LOVE your family definition!