Monday, September 8, 2008

Good things coming!

Lots of you saw our Family Tree at Swiss Days. We showed several different ways to display the finished project. The framed version was a big hit! We promise to tell you exactly how to finish your frame, but we're still madly trying to get out a few remaining Swiss Day orders, not to mention all the store orders.

We hope this picture will help you envision the finished project. We proudly display our tree surrounded by the Irish Blessing: "May the Roots of your Family Tree Grow Deep and Strong".

Start looking for an unfinished frame with an opening that is 12x12 inches. The wider the frame, the better. This one has a 3 inch edge. We picked up it up at Roberts for about $15.00, minus our 40% off coupon, of course!

Suni is itching to create her own frame and we'll be sure to take pictures of the different steps so you can see how easy the project is!

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