Sunday, September 21, 2008

Upcoming Events

I think everyone will agree that it has been a crazy week in regards to our economic news and the financial crisis that we have watched unfold. We are grateful that our business moves forward during these uncertain times and we are moved by the meaningful stories that are being preserved through these projects.

We can finally announce that our products have shipped to the Fort Union and University Deseret Book stores in Utah. Still trying to get the St. George store's order out the door, but for our friends in Southern Utah... it's coming! We've just picked up a store in Tucson, Arizona and we look forward to getting to know the people of that area.

Fall classes have started and that means we're picking up the pace--like we weren't already running? We haven't forgotten to write up instructions for creating the family frame --we just haven't had any time. For those of you in the Salt Lake area; we will be at the Deseret Book Ladies Night Out on October 4th. Suni will be at the Ft. Union store and I'll head down to University Mall. I don't know if you've ever attended one of these events, but we were blown away at the May 08 LNO! The store gives away all sorts of prizes and we added to the assortment by providing one of our Family Memory Tree's and a Vintage Tin. Hope you'll join us!

We'll also be doing a demonstration at the Church History Museum in the afternoon of October 4th. They are located on West Temple, right across the street from Temple Square. If you're not aware, it is General Conference for the LDS Church so the downtown area will be packed. It's the perfect time to visit the Church History Museum store since they put everything on sale, not to mention that they already start the lowest prices around AND they don't charge sales tax. Who doesn't appreciate a bargain in these tough times?!

Gotta mention all help that we've added to meet our customers needs! Bethany and Sidney are helping with manufacturing. Lindsey is doing an excellent job at preparing our class kits. Courtney is now making all of our magnets. We'd be six feet under if it wasn't for their help!

If you are getting ready to finish a SbM project, be sure to check out our blog on finishing your project. Suni got to see first hand how important it is to shake the Krylon spray before turning it loose on your pictures.

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