Thursday, February 19, 2009

Social Media at its Finest!

Last week I was able to attend a fabulous social media workshop sponsored by StartUp Princess. It was amazing! Talk about a great group of women who are all working together to help other women promote their businesses and network with each other. We learned much about Twitter - have you started tweeting yet?! It's a great way to share with and meet people from all over. (Follow me! My twitter name is sunimason. Pretty easy!)

The other topic for the evening was Kirtsy. Haven't heard of it? Well, you have now. You know when you find something really fabulous online and want to tell all of your friends and neighbors and family and want everybody to know about it? Enter Kirtsy. Here you can post your fabulous finds and share with the world! And the more people that find your 'story' interesting, the more popular it becomes. You can vote for a story by simply clicking it. The more clicks, the more votes, the more popular and your story moves up the chain. Watch for Stories By Me stories to be shared soon! We've got new products for 2009 and are anxious to get them out there. We'll keep you posted when we do! And if they are on Kirtsy, we'll point you to the link so you can share with everybody! (Oh, and that Kirtsy link at the bottom our posts - that's an easy way you can share Stories By Me on Kirtsy! Just click the link and voila!)

And guess what happened?! I won the drawing for the evening! A free ad for Stories By Me on Startup Princess and free massage. How cool is that?!

It was a fun evening where I met so many amazing blogging women who have a wealth of knowledge in the social media scene. Thank you for sharing your expertise and helping Stories By Me to stay in the loop!

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Beth said...

How fun! I had to share your blog post with my friend and neighbor, Kelly, who started Startup Princess. Kelly is an amazing person!